Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gettin' it together.....

Well, I’m slowly starting to get into the whole "blogging" thing. I think I'm having way too much fun adding gadgets and things, then anything else. I'm still trying to figure out how to add "blinkies", but that will come....hopefully one of my friends will give me a nudge : )

Today, I decided that I was going to take a "mental health" day because I just couldn't face my office today. I had worked over the weekend, and I just couldn’t do it today. So, after I got the young'uns off to school, I parked my butt on the couch and started stitchin’ on my Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender and Lace. I’ve been working on this piece for awhile I am TRYING to get it completed by Christmas. Which I really think, if I can get myself in a groove with it, I can get it done. After stitching through the movie Miami Vice I had had enough of stitching. For some reason, I just lost my interest..again.

Well, about that time my husband Keith started telling me about a new cache that had just been released today. For those who don't know what Geocaching is, it’s basically where you go out to various locations and find things that people have hidden. "Normally", it’s a lot of fun but today it was just flat frustrating. Let me set the scene for you, just so you can get the feel. The first cache that we tried for was located in a new business park on the side of a hill. And when I say hill, I mean it was a hill with about a 45 degree slope. Well, just to make things interesting when we got out of the car, it started to sprinkle. Which really wasn’t that big of a deal, but after I fell on my butt going down the hill my enthusiasm started to….dwindle. It started going down further, after about 30 minutes searching all around ground zero or at least what we thought was ground zero. Anyway, I had started back up the hill when I looked up and saw someone watching us. Well, THANKFULLY, it turned out to be another Geocacher; MammaDuck.

I thought surely the 3 of us could find this ever lovin’ thing….WRONG!! We searched for another 30-ish minutes to only come up empty handed. As we wondered back up to the parking lot, we started talking about this and that when MammaDuck asked if we wanted to go and try for a few others around the corner. I said sure, because I didn’t want the day to be a total wash. So, off we went to Arundel Mills and cache #2. Well, within two minutes we had SUCCESS!! Which, did a lot to turn around my mood. Now, I know what you all are thinking…”why??” The best I can say is that Geocaching is a lot like working a puzzle. Once, you start you just have finish : ) If any of you are curious, about the whole Geocaching thing you can go to: You will be surprised by what you find. I know I was the first time!!

Ok, I’m going to go and find my usb cable so I can start downloading some pictures!!!

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