Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freestate Awards Banquet

Well, we've just gotten back from my awards banquet...and BOY did I have a GREAT TIME!!! I don't think I've been this excited about anything in a while. Benjamin and I ended up getting a 3rd in Beginner Equitation, a 4th in Pleasure, and a GOLD MEDAL for the medal's class I did in September. On top of all that the girls had a blast dancing and running around the dance floor like two little nuts.

Here are just a few pics, of the festivities!

This one is of me and other medal winners...I'm on the right in the red.

And this one is of me almost taking out my youngest, while I was "attempting" to do the Electric Slide.

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Finish of 2009

Well, I was able to polish a piece tonight while I was watchin' TV. Take a look!! Actually, I'm "hoping" to make it a two-fer. I've got a piece by Little House Needleworks, called the Needlebook that I've got just about finished. The only thing that I have to do is to run a blanket stitch around the edge add a button and I'm done with that one. But, we'll see how things go with that one.

In any case, here's Flying Monkeys by Glory Bee.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Freestate Gazette

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Ok, I just need to share this with everyone because this just has me SOOOO pissed off.

For Christmas we got my youngest a new "big girl" bike. Well, her first attempt went pretty much as planned, we ran along side her while she tried peddling. So, we got her a pair of training wheels...why we didn't buy them when we bought the bike I couldn't tell you. But, in any case we have them now. So, I ask my DH to put them on this afternoon so I could take the girls out for a ride. Well, because the STUPID football games were on he was in a rush and didn't put them on correctly. So, my poor little girl had nothing but issues trying to just peddle her bike. And after I finally got her home after having to replace the training wheel twice the only thing he could say was "I'll look at it later." Which has just sent my blood pressure OVER THE LIMIT!!! Right now, all I can say it that I will be HAPPY when football season is OVER!!! Honestly, I should take the training wheels and throw them through the TV!!!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

This and That

Well, I've decided to turn my Teacher's piece into a wall hanging. I went out the other day and bought the fabric, now I just need to get it cut and sewn together. Which didn't happen today : ) I was down at the farm having some away from home/me time!!! And let me just say it was WONDERFUL!!! I groomed Snikkers up and she doesn't look like a unloved horse anymore. Then I walked around the farm taking pictures of everyone...I'll add those in later. Let's see then I got Benjamin out cleaned him up some...he didn't really need much because I've had him blanketed the last couple of weeks. And in taking with a friend of mine, I got roped (not really) into taking a lesson. Which to tell you the truth I needed!! My trainer kicked my ASS!! It's been hours and my knees are still bothering me, Lord knows what tomorrow morning is going to be like : )

After I got home, had a shower, and ate dinner (provided by McKayla) I was able to sit down and do a little finishing work on my LittleHouse Needlebook. Everything came together quite nicely, all I have to do is the blanket stitching around the edges. Do a little cording and a button and I'll be finished.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Creative BLOCK!!!

Well, I think I've finally finished my Christmas shopping least the family should be done. I do know that I need to find 2 Teacher gifts. Tonight, while I was looking for a new project to start, I found an old finished Lizzie Kate piece that I'd done a year ago. Now, I just need to think of a way to finish it. I had thought about trying a no sew cube, which looks pretty easy. But, I would feel more comfortable having some directions in front of me. My biggest worry is messing up my stitching trying to get things put together : )

Worse comes to worse, I'll be making a run up to the Stitching Post to find something.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

So much goin' on...

Well, it has been a very busy couple of months!! Let's see what have I been doin'..honestly, its been more crazy at work then at home. So, much so that I've really thought about finding another job. But, after talking with my boss I've decided to give it another 6 months and then re-evaluate. If things settle down, I'll more then likely stay, but if not....then I'm walkin'.

And you know the biggest thing that has been keeping me sane, is my riding and stitching!! THANK GOD FOR HOBBIES!!! With all that was going on and in my effort of have some "me" time. I decided to branch out and take up quilting. Its been something that I've always wanted to try. Then about a month and a half ago, I was talking with one of the ladies at Church about wanting to learn. Then low and behold she got me hooked up with a really nice quilting shop just around the corner from my house. How cool is that.....well actually its DANGEROUS!! : )

I've attached a picture of my very first quilt....please go easy on me with the comments : ) I will say that overall, I had a good time putting everything together. But, you know its funny I was TOTALLY terrified of my rotating cutter at first. And it wasn't the cutter itself; though it will definitely remove a finger if you're not careful. It was more messing up on cutting the fabric, and true its just fabric and I could always buy more. But, after you've already spent a small fortune the last thing you want to do is go and buy more. Well, once I got over that getting everything assembled was pretty therapeutic. I'm not quite to the level of it being second nature, but I'm coming along.

In any case here is my debut of my Yellow Brick Road...and before anyone says anything yes I know its not all yellow ; ) This quilt was meant to be what they call a "scrappy" quilt.