Saturday, December 27, 2008

This and That

Well, I've decided to turn my Teacher's piece into a wall hanging. I went out the other day and bought the fabric, now I just need to get it cut and sewn together. Which didn't happen today : ) I was down at the farm having some away from home/me time!!! And let me just say it was WONDERFUL!!! I groomed Snikkers up and she doesn't look like a unloved horse anymore. Then I walked around the farm taking pictures of everyone...I'll add those in later. Let's see then I got Benjamin out cleaned him up some...he didn't really need much because I've had him blanketed the last couple of weeks. And in taking with a friend of mine, I got roped (not really) into taking a lesson. Which to tell you the truth I needed!! My trainer kicked my ASS!! It's been hours and my knees are still bothering me, Lord knows what tomorrow morning is going to be like : )

After I got home, had a shower, and ate dinner (provided by McKayla) I was able to sit down and do a little finishing work on my LittleHouse Needlebook. Everything came together quite nicely, all I have to do is the blanket stitching around the edges. Do a little cording and a button and I'll be finished.

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