Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok, I just need to share this with everyone because this just has me SOOOO pissed off.

For Christmas we got my youngest a new "big girl" bike. Well, her first attempt went pretty much as planned, we ran along side her while she tried peddling. So, we got her a pair of training wheels...why we didn't buy them when we bought the bike I couldn't tell you. But, in any case we have them now. So, I ask my DH to put them on this afternoon so I could take the girls out for a ride. Well, because the STUPID football games were on he was in a rush and didn't put them on correctly. So, my poor little girl had nothing but issues trying to just peddle her bike. And after I finally got her home after having to replace the training wheel twice the only thing he could say was "I'll look at it later." Which has just sent my blood pressure OVER THE LIMIT!!! Right now, all I can say it that I will be HAPPY when football season is OVER!!! Honestly, I should take the training wheels and throw them through the TV!!!


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