Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My FINAL show of the season!!!

Well, I had my last show of the season last weekend and overall we didn't do overly well. But, we did get a first place in Sr. Combined Trail which was pretty big. Especially, since we had to back through an L shape on the ground. Not to mention, that he doesn't back up very well. That is still a work in progress : )

We'll see come January how we did for the season as a whole....hopefully it'll be good!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If anything I know I'm at least getting something for winning the medals class back in September.

For now, I'm hoping to get in some trail riding before it gets to cold. But, we'll see how the schedule plays out : )

Friday, October 3, 2008

CRAZY Week!!!

Well, after an EXTREMELY crazy week. I can honestly say that I was at least able to get something pretty big things accomplished. The biggest thing was that I had a MAJOR server go weird on me and I was able to bring it back to life. SUPER HUGE for me!! It meant a lot of late nights and stressful days. It was so bad that I haven't been down to see my ponies at all this week. But, I was able to volunteer in Krista's classroom and have lunch with her today. Which just lit that little girl up, which in turn made my day a little less stressful. You know there are times when I wish I was a teacher instead of a Systems Administrator!! The money would be as good, but at least I would have a fulfilling day!! Anyway, that rant could go on for hours if I get started ; )

Then the other thing was that I was able to FINISH my Enchanted Alphabet by LnL!!!!! I've slowly been widdling away at it until tonight I was FINALLY able to get it done!? I just totally excited about it!!! Once, I find my camera I'll get some pictures posted.

Well, Good Night for now!!!