Friday, October 3, 2008

CRAZY Week!!!

Well, after an EXTREMELY crazy week. I can honestly say that I was at least able to get something pretty big things accomplished. The biggest thing was that I had a MAJOR server go weird on me and I was able to bring it back to life. SUPER HUGE for me!! It meant a lot of late nights and stressful days. It was so bad that I haven't been down to see my ponies at all this week. But, I was able to volunteer in Krista's classroom and have lunch with her today. Which just lit that little girl up, which in turn made my day a little less stressful. You know there are times when I wish I was a teacher instead of a Systems Administrator!! The money would be as good, but at least I would have a fulfilling day!! Anyway, that rant could go on for hours if I get started ; )

Then the other thing was that I was able to FINISH my Enchanted Alphabet by LnL!!!!! I've slowly been widdling away at it until tonight I was FINALLY able to get it done!? I just totally excited about it!!! Once, I find my camera I'll get some pictures posted.

Well, Good Night for now!!!

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