Sunday, November 30, 2008

So much goin' on...

Well, it has been a very busy couple of months!! Let's see what have I been doin'..honestly, its been more crazy at work then at home. So, much so that I've really thought about finding another job. But, after talking with my boss I've decided to give it another 6 months and then re-evaluate. If things settle down, I'll more then likely stay, but if not....then I'm walkin'.

And you know the biggest thing that has been keeping me sane, is my riding and stitching!! THANK GOD FOR HOBBIES!!! With all that was going on and in my effort of have some "me" time. I decided to branch out and take up quilting. Its been something that I've always wanted to try. Then about a month and a half ago, I was talking with one of the ladies at Church about wanting to learn. Then low and behold she got me hooked up with a really nice quilting shop just around the corner from my house. How cool is that.....well actually its DANGEROUS!! : )

I've attached a picture of my very first quilt....please go easy on me with the comments : ) I will say that overall, I had a good time putting everything together. But, you know its funny I was TOTALLY terrified of my rotating cutter at first. And it wasn't the cutter itself; though it will definitely remove a finger if you're not careful. It was more messing up on cutting the fabric, and true its just fabric and I could always buy more. But, after you've already spent a small fortune the last thing you want to do is go and buy more. Well, once I got over that getting everything assembled was pretty therapeutic. I'm not quite to the level of it being second nature, but I'm coming along.

In any case here is my debut of my Yellow Brick Road...and before anyone says anything yes I know its not all yellow ; ) This quilt was meant to be what they call a "scrappy" quilt.


Kim said...

Beautiful! I love the colors in the quilt.
Happy Holidays!

Kim P in MO

Debra said...

Love the colors!!!
Debra in Indiana

Milly~ said...

Love the quilt Kim...just love the colors.